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Marlow Church of England Infant School

The COVID Pandemic & our school

Throughout the COVID pandemic, our school has remained open. During the first  Lockdown from March 2020, we provided schooling for the children of key workers and other vulnerable children. From 1st June 2020 onwards we reopened more fully,  firstly for Reception children and then for Year 1 and 2. By the beginning of July, we had around 92% of our children back in school for at least 3 days a week. 

The links to the right include some galleries of photographs of the learning that went on in school and at home during both periods of Lockdown and our return to school in June and July after the first Lockdown; a Powerpoint presentation which was prepared by our Headteacher to present to Governors and staff on our school response to the pandemic; some of the videos and pictures which were made by our staff to share with children during Lockdown to help them stay in touch and our COVID risk assessment for the school.

In September 2020 we reopened fully to all children although we continued to operate with restrictions. We were unable to welcome parents into school for class worship or to help in class or for Harvest Festival, Nativity Plays and the many other occasions we love to share with our school families. Each year group remained separate from the others in school during lessons, school worship and lunch break with staggered start and finish times to minimise contact between children and staff in different year groups as much as possible. We finished for the Christmas break having concluded a very successful, if strange, term at school with our attendance levels being exceptional despite the continuing pandemic. 

Our school staff returned for an inset day on Monday 4th January 2021 planning for the coming term with the children expected to arrive back in school the next day. Sadly, at 8 pm that evening, we discovered our plans for the term were going to have to be completely changed with the announcement of a second full Lockdown with the closure of schools. 

We remained closed on Tuesday 5th January, taking a second inset day, during which our staff worked incredibly hard meaning that by Wednesday 6th January we not only re-opened for vulnerable children and the children of key workers but that a full programme of remote learning was ready to go for those children at home. 

Enrich learning through progressive teaching methods and technology

During this second Lockdown period we utilised our school website, Google Classroom and Tapestry to provide flexible learning for our families enabling them to fit their child's learning around working from home and other family commitments.

From the outset, we committed to setting learning following the planned and sequenced curriculum which would have been followed had the children been in school. Each day a main teaching element was posted for each area of learning with a follow up activity to be handed in. English, Maths and Phonics were posted every day with one of the other subjects from the wider curriculum each day eg Science, RE or Art. We also posted a storytime video every day from a different member of the school staff. 

We had regular online 'Time to Talk' sessions allowing small groups of up to 10 children to meet and chat with their class teacher and friends. These took the form of Show & Tell, storytimes and scavenger hunts. Many of our teachers discovered hidden talents as they prepared videos for the children to watch from home utilising green screen technology and video editing techniques. 

embody a Christian and spiritual community

Throughout both Lockdowns and the continuing pandemic our school has remained true to its Vision and staff, pupils and families have all kept our Values of respect, kindness, perseverance, forgiveness, thankfulness and service at the heart of everything they have done