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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Bird Box Live Feed

Our blue tits have all flown the nest. We hope that they will be back next year and we can watch them again. 


This is a live feed from our Bird Box in school. We have a pair of blue tits nesting in the bird box, they laid 9 eggs and 7 have hatched and are growing fast!

At present,  the live feed runs out of school hours, from 3.30pm until 8.30am each day.

If you want to ask something or leave a comment about what you see then use the box at the bottom of the page - maybe you can be the first to spot an egg!

Blue Tits will nest in any hole in a tree, wall or nest box. They are well known for nesting in more unusual places, such as letter boxes, pipes, etc. The nest is a cup made by the female from moss, wool, dead leaves, spiders' webs, and lined with down. 

Their clutch size is the largest among nidicolous species (that is animals that stay at their birthplace for a long time because they depend on their parents), laying typically 10 to 12 eggs. The blue tit lays one egg each day and will begin incubating them once the penultimate egg is laid. 

The eggs are smooth and glossy, and white with purplish-red or reddish-brown spots. They are about 16 mm by 12 mm. The female incubates the eggs by herself for around 15-16 days. After the young hatch, they are fed by both parents.

Update 12th April - it's difficult to see because it's not focussed (sorry) and because the birds have been covering them but we think we have at least two eggs.  We're posting a screen grab from 6.49 this morning as the infra red shows it better!


Update 25th April - we believe that there are at least 9 and possibly 10 eggs laid now. She began incubating them around the 18th or 19th April and so hopefully we will see them start to hatch around the 4th May.

Update 3rd May - over the weekend several of our blue tits have hatched! By the end of today we think there are 5 and dad has been bringing caterpillars for mum to feed to them. 

Update 20th May - sadly one of the 7 chicks has died but the other 6 are looking very healthy

Update 23rd May - we came back to school this morning to find that all the chicks had fledged and flown the nest. We are keeping our eyes out around school for them/

Here's some video we recorded of both parents feeding the baby birds 

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Here is a video, taken by Tom in Reception, of one of the adults flying into the box!

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You might also be interested in seeing the peregrine falcons at All Saints Church then follow Wild Marlow on Facebook or Twitter or check out their Youtube page



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