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Marlow Church of England Infant School


At Marlow Church of England Infant School, children are encouraged to develop an enthusiasm and enjoyment of scientific discovery whilst ensuring that they are acquiring knowledge, concepts, skills and positive attitudes.

They are given opportunities for hands on experience with exploratory learning and testing out answers to questions that they may have. Our children become independent learners by exploring possible answers for their scientific based questions.

Our staff want to immerse the children in rich scientific vocabulary. Developing a passion for science and the idea of discovery can be applied to all aspects of life. The desire to discover is what drives us to learn new things whether it be about our world, space or ourselves and we want to instil this confidence in enquiry and curiosity in the children. The staff have a clear understanding of the progression in Science following the National Curriculum 2014 to ensure that the scientific enquiry skills and scientific knowledge is developed throughout children’s time at our school.

We expose children to high quality teaching and learning experiences to allow them to have the opportunity to explore the world they live in.  This is achieved by presenting them with practical tasks and asking/answering questions.

We thrive upon encouraging the children at our school to explore their curiosity and want to ask questions of their own. Once they have learnt new and exciting things, we then teach them to analyse and explain what they have discovered. Children are encouraged to be inquisitive and curious to build on what they have learnt and to lead their own learning where possible.

Every step and achievement they make allows them to get closer to understanding the world around us.  Our children develop a respect for the world around them, which is embedded in the ethos of the school as it is one of our school values.

Marlow Church of England Infant School prides itself on being an ECO school. We are keen to promote outdoor learning as we understand the impact it has on the children understanding the world. Linking scientific learning in to their senses is a useful tool for children relating and retaining information about nature and the many incredible things around us. We feel that this helps deepen their curiosity and understanding about our planet and how each one of them can impact and look after it in the future.

Scientists are responsible for all we know about our world and beyond. Whilst it is important to educate the children on scientific discoveries that have been made already by scientists, it is of equal importance to ensure that children are aware that there is still so much to discover.

Children at our school learn that a scientist’s work is never done and that there are always more questions to be asked.