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Marlow Church of England Infant School

School Closure Procedures

There may be occasions, such as in case of adverse weather conditions, when we will have to make the decision to close the school .  We we will make every effort to get sufficient staff in to enable the school to open as normal and there are 3 options which we look at :

  1. opening the school for all children as normal
  2. opening the school slightly later eg 10.00am
  3. opening the school for some classes only

In the event that it is not possible to open the school as normal then details of the closure or partial closure will be communicated in a number of ways:

  1. The Buckinghamshire Council website  This will show if we are in the process of trying to open the school or if we have made the decision to close or partially close.
  2. Our school website will show a banner headline on the front page if we have made the decision to close or partially close.
  3. By text or email to all parents via our school communication app. If you do not have this then please download it onto your mobile device.
  4. We will also inform the local radio station, Marlow FM 

We will make every effort to communicate this information as early as possible each day. In the situation where we are trying to get sufficient staff in to school a message indicating that we are trying to open the school will be posted, but we will then need to wait for staff to actually arrive before we can confirm that we will definitely be open. 

Whilst we will liaise with Holy Trinity and Little Marlow it is not always possible for us to have the same outcome as staff travel from different areas and each school will need to ensure they have sufficient staff for it to be safe for them to open.

If the decision is made that the school will not be open then Teatimers breakfast club will not be open either.