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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Religious Education

Religious Education at Our School provides the opportunity for children and adults to reflect on the ways in which beliefs influence how people live their lives. These beliefs and life experiences affect the way people behave and this behaviour has an impact on others and the world we live in.

At Marlow Church of England Infant school, the Religious Education curriculum has a key role to play in helping children to develop their spirituality and begin to understand that they have a part to play in creating the world they live in.

We aim to inspire the children to be able to become more confident in holding balanced and informed discussions relating to ‘Big Questions’, ‘Big Ideas’ and religious beliefs at an age appropriate level.

We want children to understand that people have different beliefs and that it is important to mindfully listen to these people and show respect for these beliefs. In so doing they will have the essential foundations needed to become good citizens of the planet, being responsible members of society and showing that they know the importance of treating everyone with dignity.

Pupils learn mainly about the Christian and Jewish faiths and our curriculum is based on the Understanding Christianity resources and the Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

In Key Stage 1, pupils will learn about Christianity as a living world faith and they will explore the key theological concepts of God, Creation, Incarnation, Gospel and Salvation

In their learning about Judaism, children begin to understand that there are teachings and texts that this faith has in common with Christianity. They will make links between the Bible and the Torah and religious practices and festivals of the Jewish people.