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Marlow Church of England Infant School

PFA Roles

Some people may be aware of the vacant positions on the PFA committee but not have an understanding of what is entailed when offering support. We hoped by providing a brief description of each role we could alleviate any pre-conceived ideas that the role is too large, requires massive amounts of time and experience.  It really does not. The committee meets for an average of 2 hours every 6-8 weeks and most meetings take place virtually.  The role of the committee is to co-ordinate and support, not to do everything alone.

Below are some brief descriptions of the roles within the committee and the skills needed. 

The Chair

  • Main duty: To have the final say on PFA decisions.
  • Key jobs: To make all committee members feel welcome and valued; to set the PFA agenda; to provide leadership; to liaise with school; to co-write the annual PFA report.
  • Needs to be: Enthusiastic, calm; good at listening; decisive.

The Deputy

  • Main duty: To support the work of the PFA Chair.
  • Key jobs: To step in for the Chair when the Chair is absent; to work with the Chair to see the PFA runs smoothly and communicates well; to liaise with school; to co-write the annual PFA report.
  • Needs to be: Supportive, enthusiastic; energetic; organised.

The Treasurer

  • Main duty: To oversee the PFA’s financial affairs.
  • Key jobs: To manage accounts; do banking and maintain up-to-date financial records.
  • Needs to be: Reliable; organised; good with numbers.

The Secretary

  • Main duty: To keep up-to-date records of PFA activity.
  • Key jobs: To organise PFA meetings; to prepare and distribute agendas and minutes; to build strong relationships with key school staff – including the office staff and caretakers.
  • Needs to be: Organised; good at time management and friendly.

The Class Rep

  • Main duty: To support the parents in their class.
  • Key jobs: To organise class volunteers for events, answer parent questions, send out weekly reminders to parents. Communicate PFA vision and forthcoming events.
  • Needs to be: Be social and read the school newsletters.  


Please get in touch if you can offer help moving forward.