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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Our Solar Journey 2023

Who we are

We are Marlow Church of England Infant School, a small community infant school in Marlow. We are a Green Flag school and are constantly looking for new ways to lead our school community towards a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable future. We are passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and the impact that our school has on the local community and the wider environment. This is demonstrated by a consistently green approach in how we educate our pupils, subsequently both supporting and encouraging them to believe they can make a difference to the long-term sustainability and the future of our planet.

What we did

We worked with parents and the local community to advocate for change and to raise enough money to use the renewable resource of the sun to power the electricity in our school.

Our solar panels were installed on our school roof in July 2023 by fixing rails to bolts and clamping the solar panels onto the supporting grid. The solar energy forms an electric circuit on the panels and then sends the electricity to our inverter which converts the electricity into a form we can use in school. We use the electricity to power our lights, work our computers and keep our school lunches hot. We send most of the solar energy we generate back to Marlow to share with our community.

Did you know that if we could capture all the sun’s energy shining on our planet for just one hour, we could power the entire world for a whole year!

What we want to do

Our goal is to reduce our demand for fossil fuels and instead use energy from sunlight to generate electricity to power our school. In turn, this project reflects the ethos of our school, and we hope to lead by example; to educate and inspire others to make greener choices and switch to renewable energy strategies throughout our local community and beyond.