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Marlow Church of England Infant School



Even in this technological, computer-literate age, good handwriting remains fundamental to children’s educational achievement. A fluent, cursive and legible handwriting style empowers children to write with confidence and creativity. Our aim is that the children will be able to write clearly and fluently so that they can cope with the everyday demands of life and school. At our school cursive, joined up handwriting is taught from Year 1 as it is considered to be the most natural development of children’s earliest attempts at writing.

The ability to write quickly and legibly affects the quality of a child’s written output, for difficulty with handwriting can hamper his thoughts and limit his fluency.’

‘A language for Life’ Department for Education and Science

We encourage the children to

  • To develop fine and gross motor skills to assist in successful handwriting
  • To develop an effective pencil grip
  • To form letters with correct letter formation
  • To write with a flowing hand which is legible, swift and pleasant to look at
  • To take pride in the presentation of their work.
  • To appreciate handwriting as an art form.