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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Fundraising Update

This year we have committed to raising £26,000 for the children and the school.

This will be spent on decorating areas of the school and completing the toilet refurbishment project alongside covering the annual charges for the school library system, the website and ParentPay.  Our fundraising also enables the school to buy essential classroom resources such as books and art supplies and also funds enrichment activities such as school trips and classroom visitors.

This may not be the most glamorous of shopping lists but our work is essential to the running of the school and directly impacts each child so every donation is gratefully received and vitally needed.

So far this year we have raised the following:

  • PE Hoodies - £1000
  • Calendars - £1350
  • Bag2School - £140
  • Doughnut Day - £210
  • Christmas Cards - £540

You can also help the school with a cash donation either via ParentPay or directly into our bank account.  So far this year cash donations have raised £5,500.

There are also other ways to donate indirectly (and often at no cost to you).  For more information on these have a look at our Other Ways to Help page.