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Marlow Church of England Infant School




The curriculum at Marlow C of E Infant School has been designed to promote curiosity, as well as an enthusiasm and hunger for learning. We aim to provide a rich, inspiring and meaningful curriculum with events, activities, church and community links which support the learning in and out of the classroom and bring the local community together. 

Our knowledge engaged curriculum has storytelling at the centre and guides pupil’s learning in different areas of the curriculum. Enrichment is planned and delivered in different forms. It provides a ‘hook’ to draw pupils into the topic and learning, giving them practical opportunities to explore and embed new knowledge and skills.

We are committed to nurturing children to follow their interests and passions so that they are well-equipped to reach their full potential.

As learners, pupils will become independent thinkers, identifying the ways in which they learn most effectively and self-evaluating in order to celebrate their successes and have the responsibility to identify areas for improvement. We take a growth mindset approach empowers the children to believe that they can achieve anything if they try their best and persevere.

In order to gain the most from their learning, pupils are encouraged and challenged to apply the skills and knowledge acquired in different ways. This ensures that they master the curriculum and have sound foundations for the next steps in learning.