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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Collective Worship

Collective Worship is central to the life of our school. It offers pupils and others in our school an opportunity to reflect on values and issues in the context our Christian vision.

'School worship' is an expression of our vision and shapes our approach to others and to what we do in school.

Our collective worship provides pupils and staff the opportunity to:

  • Celebrate -
    • Christian seasons and festivals;
    • School values associated with our vision;
    • Pupils’ and adults’ achievements;
  • Experience prayer, stillness, worship and refection
  • Grow in understanding of and participation in prayer;
  • Create a reflective approach to life including the exploration of deep questions
  • Develop as a community centred on our clear and distinctive Christian vision
  • Experience a variety of styles of worship;
  • Participate and respond, through active involvement in the planning, leading and evaluation of worship;
  • Feel safe and affirmed;
  • Worship God on their own terms.


Pupil Worship Leaders

Our aim is to involve the pupils in school worship as much as possible; they have ample opportunities to have their say and participate fully if they want to. In Year 2, children lead collective worship; they plan and deliver services to mark major festivals in the Christian calendar, whether they be in school or at All Saints Church; They also lead daily collective worship, offering times of refection, prayer and choosing songs for everyone to sing. Pupil leaders from across the school, such as the Eco Warriors, lead school worship to inform and share developments in the work they have been doing in school; Each class also leads their own worship about one of the school values.