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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Art & Design

At Marlow Church of England Infant School we embrace children’s natural curiosity and our aim is to ignite their passion through a curriculum that provides engaging and varied art & design opportunities. Art & design forms part of a varied arts curriculum which includes performance art and other forms of expression and visual arts.

The Arts have a strong central focus within the school and this can be seen throughout all areas of the curriculum. Children are actively encouraged to have fun with the arts which results in confident children who are able to surpass many of their own expectations of themselves. This is seen year after year through the many art performances which are led by a team of passionate educators who are constantly striving to develop their own creative journeys.

Our main intent is to develop confident, creative risk-takers who can persevere through challenges to reach their full potential. Artists who are willing to try new approaches and think about using materials in new and exciting ways to create different effects, and who embrace the unexpected.

Our creative art & design curriculum focuses on the children becoming reflective learners who can consider their own art journey to identify their personal strengths and areas for development, whether the work of art is a performance or visual art.

Throughout the art & design curriculum, the children will also develop the age-appropriate analytical skills to look at the works of others and to express their own responses and thoughts around this.