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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Easter Service

This afternoon we held our first whole school worship in person since our Harvest Festival last autumn.

The afternoon was wonderfully sunny and so we gathered the whole school on the playground where our Year 2 Worship Leaders told us about the Easter story spelling out Easter a letter at a time - 

  • E for Entry: Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey
  • A for Arrest: Jesus was arrested in the garden at Gethsemane
  • S for Sad: Jesus was sad he had been betrayed
  • T for Trial: Jesus was put on trial 
  • E for Execution: Jesus was nailed to a cross to die
  • R for Resurrection: on the third day Jesus rose again! Hallelujah!

They then talked about some of the ways we celebrate Easter and remind ourselves of the Easter story including the Hot Cross buns we eat

The Worship Leaders did a wonderful job. For the staff watching it was emotional to see them doing this with such confidence and enjoyment given the amount of disruption these children have experienced in the past year. They have only been back in school for a little over 3 weeks, had only a couple of practices but did brilliantly.

All the children have been practising some Easter songs which they joined in together - this is the first time they had sung together since October and it sounded beautiful.

We hope that the children all enjoy their Hot Cross bun.

You can see more photos of the service here

Easter Service