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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Sandygate Advent Service

This morning we held an Advent Service in school for the children in KS1.

Our Year 2 Worship Leaders told us about the special time of Advent when we can prepare for the joy that comes at Christmas when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

We learnt about the Advent wreath and the 5 candles on it. There are four candles lit one each Sunday in Advent and then a final candle lit on Christmas Eve. The wreath is a circle with no begining or end and reminds us that God's love for us is never ending. The greenery we use to decorate the wreath signifies life. Three of the candles are purple, which is the liturgical colour for prayer and penance. The first candle symbolizes Hope and the second represents Faith. The third candle is pink and is the 'Joy' candle and the fourth candle we light to symobolize Peace. The final candle, lit on Christmas Eve, is white representing the purity of Jesus Christ.


We will be lighting our first candle on Monday following the first Sunday in Advent.

You can see some more photos here