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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Road Safety at Sandygate

Beep Beep Day and Scootability Training

On Thursday, all the children enjoyed our special safety day. We were delighted to welcome Cosmin into school from Scootability. Fortunately we had the weather on our side so all classes were able to enjoy scooter training sessions. As part of this, the children were taught to ride safely, especially when near roads. They were taught to stop so that they could look, listen and then walk their scooters safely across the road. The children were delighted to learn some tricks on their scooters, perhaps if they have a scooter of their own, you could ask them to show you 'the ballerina' or 'the mini man'. As well as scooter safety, all the children had a session in class on the importance of being safe near the roads.

You can see some pictures here /gallery/?pid=3&gcatid=10&albumid=20