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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Wild World

Wild World Session 3 - Wednesday 29th November

Wednesday was our third Wild World session, where Tash Somers (ex-Sandygate parent, Pocket Wilding co-founder and member of Wild Marlow) and a group of community volunteers tended the site. Here is a report of their work:

Winter is the hardest season for wildlife to survive, so food and habitats are a priority. Only days ago we were seeing butterflies, bees and ladybirds and native plants still flowering to support their endeavours to find food.

A few community volunteers visited our school and made sure our sapling hedgerow plants would thrive through the winter, and they cleared paths to ensure the children could still visit the wilder areas of the school, which is very important to their learning and well-being.

Leaves are left in the wild parts as the nutrient recycling helps the trees and their slow decay fuels the incredible mycelium network that feeds the soil and ecosystem.

The hazel was coppiced to help it regenerate, and the wood was used to build a wild fence round the new compost habitat in the Wild World. Trimmings were gathered which will allow them to gently breakdown and provide homes for many things. It is very likely that frogs, sloe worms and maybe hedgehogs will use this warm and cosy pile over winter.