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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Spirituality Day

Spirituality Day - Friday 8th September

Mrs Reynolds began the day with a collective worship where she asked the children to look at different images and think about how they made them feel - calm, excited, scared - and that everyone is spiritually different. They talked about what spirituality means and how it is different for each of us. 

The idea of Windows, Mirrors and Doors was introduced to the children:

  • Windows - appreciating the world around us
  • Mirrors - reflecting and thinking about ourselves and our experiences
  • Doors - thinking about others and how they feel

The children have all spent the rest of today exploring their spirituality in more depth. In Year 1 children have decorated wooden hearts to help them think about others and being kind to them. These hearts will be hung in their outside areas. Year 2 children have been creating windows and views out of them, to help them reflect on things in the world that they appreciate and like. Both year groups also spent time outside enjoying our school environment and exploring the things that make them wonder. 

We hope that they have gained an understanding of their own spirituality and can recognise that it exists in everyone.

Please click here to see some photos.