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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Kite Making

Year 2 Design & Technology - Kite Making

In their Design & Technology lessons this half-term, the Year 2 children have enjoyed making kites. Linked to their topic of flight, the children experienced the whole design & technology process. They started off the project by researching different types of kites and how they were made. They made some interesting observations about the structures of the kites they looked at and considered what made the kites strong and suitable for flying.

The children then designed their own kites making sure that they thought carefully about the materials that they would need. Making the kites was lots of fun and the children were extremely focused on following their designs. Finally, the moment of truth! Flying the kites - would they stay up in the air? There are some wonderful photos of Dragonfly class making and flying their kites

Please click here to see the photos.