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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Explorer Dome

Explorer Dome - Friday 3rd February

On Friday 3rd of February we had an unusual piece of equipment in our school hall... the Explorer Dome.

In the morning the children in Reception got to sit inside and experience a planetarium, seeing images of the sun, the moon and the planets. 

They learned about some of the constellations and what they look like. The children heard the ancient Greek story of Orion and his dog Sirius and found their constellations. It was a great WOW moment for this half-term's topic of 'Destination Outer Space'.

During the afternoon, Year 1 visited the dome but this time inside the dome they found different places around the world, such as Antarctica and the Rainforests. Linking to their learning in science, the children learned about how many animals are adapted to their habitats. 

The visit of the Explorer Dome was funded by money raised by the PFA, so thank you to everyone who has contributed to their fundraising, it was a fantastic enrichment of the school curriculum.