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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Playground Leaders Morning

Year 2 Playground Leaders - Wednesday 5th October

The Year 2 children have had a super morning working on their team work skills and preparing for their Playground leader roles. They all worked really hard at each activity which developed their communication skills (verbal and non-verbal), teamwork skills, trust in each other and resilience.

They completed 4 tasks:

The Dot Challenge

The children had to work out the colour of the dot on their forehead without talking to each other.

The Trust Walk

The children worked in pairs to cross an area with obstacles. One of them was blindfolded, and the other was giving instructions.

The Balloon/Ball Challenge

In this challenge the children had to walk side by side with a balloon between each other’s shoulders, without holding on with their hands. As with everything this was trial and error, and it was windier than we anticipated - we lost a few balloons along the way and some popped! Grasshopper class completed the challenge with balls and this was equally difficult, but a lot of fun!

Crossing the River Challenge

The children had to make their way across the river using only spots to move and without touching the ground. The leader of the line had to place the dots down as he/she walked and last person had to step on the dots and collect them up as they went.

Well done Year 2 a great team work morning! We asked the children to fill in a form and share how they would improve the next Playground Leaders morning and the feedback was "Don’t change anything, it was great!"

To see more pictures of the morning - please click here.