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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Rights Respecting Schools Article of the Week - World Refugee Day

This week we have been thinking about Refugees as World Refugee Day, an international day designated by the UN to honour refugees around the globe, was on 20th June, and we have been marking Refugee Week

The week started with the Rights Respecting Ambassadors led a school worship where they spoke all about refugees and what the word refugee meant. They shared their plans for raising money to help refugees. During the week, all the children in school have been making friendship bracelets and decorating cakes and biscuits and today the Rights Respecting Ambassadors held a sale for their peers They have raised over £235 which will be donated to Marlow Refugee Action.


The articles from the UN Charter for the Rights of a Child that have been in focus this week are: 

Article 22 (refugee children)

If a child is seeking refuge or has refugee status, governments must provide them with appropriate protection and assistance to help them enjoy all the rights in the Convention. Governments must help refugee children who are separated from their parents to be reunited with them

Article 10 (family reunification)

Governments must respond quickly and sympathetically if a child or their parents apply to live together in the same country. If a child’s parents live apart in different countries, the child has a right to visit and keep in contact with both of them


  1. There are many rights related to being kept safe and protected from harm. Do you have a special place where you feel really safe? Maybe at home or a grandparent’s home, or somewhere else? Draw a picture of where you feel safe
  2. Watch this video explaining what a refugee is. Can you create your own animation or a simple PowerPoint presentation to help younger children in your school understand who are refugees?
  3. Watch and listen to My Name is Not Refugee or Help them Feel at Home. Use the themes of the stories to open up a simple exploration of what it is to be a refugee
  4. If you had to flee your home suddenly, what would you take with you? Draw or list what you would take and remember that you might have to carry it a long way. Compare your list with other people in your class.