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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Walking Bus Launch

Walking Bus Routes relaunched at Marlow C of E Infant School this week as part of our Big Walk and Wheel event

Thank you to all of you who have taken part in the walking buses this week. We have launched three routes and these have all run on various days across the week. 

What is a Walking Bus?

A walking bus allows children to walk in an organised group along a set route with registered parent volunteers looking after them. This means parents don’t need to walk all the way with their own children every day, but the children can still get the benefits of walking all the time. More detail about walking buses can be found at

All the children and adults have had a lot of fun on their walks into school. Our plan is to continue with all three routes running once or twice a week, and we would love to add more people to the bus. I f you would like to sign up please do so here

If you live away from the current routes please sign up and if we get enough interest in a particular area then we may be able to change or add routes. 

Many thanks the travel plan committee.

Route 1: Starts at Barnhill Close and goes down Barnhill Road turns into Seymour Park Road and then along the alleyway to school.

Route 2: Goes along the full length of Oak Tree Road from Wycombe Road turning into Seymour Park Road and the along there to the alleyway which comes through to school

Route 3: Starts in Dedmere Rise, goes along the footpath by the Doctors surgery to join Victoria Road then turns up Glade Road to Little Marlow Road crossing over to the footpath by Rookery Gardens to join Heron's Place and then Trinity Avenue. At the top of Trinity Avenue it goes through the footpath which passes the top gate of Holy Trinity, into Sandygate Close and through the path besides the play park and through to Sandygate Road.