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Marlow Church of England Infant School

Reindeer Visit

We had some surprise visitors in school today - two reindeer from Riverways Farm!

Our barn was turned into a reindeer stable today with a visit from two reindeer from Riverways Farm. They came to school to support learning in science helping children to learn all about how animals adapt to their habitat.

Children learned that reindeer are very well adapted to their habitat -the Arctic tundra and forest in Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, Alaska and Canada. 

  • They use their antlers to shovel snow to find food
  • Their coats are made up of thousands of hollow hairs which act as insulation and help them float when swimming
  • They have a furry nose which means their faces don't get cold when digging for food, and it warms the air they breathe in
  • They have cloven hooves with two toes on each foot, this helps distribute their weight and acts like snow shoes. 
  • Reindeer are mainly silent. Their main way of communicating is with their back legs which make a clicking sound. The frequency of clicks communicates different situations and in poor visibility, such as a blizzard, they can use their excellent hearing to keep together.

You can see more photos here