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Marlow Church of England Infant School

rights respecting - article of the week

Article of the week is a regular set of learning activities centred on a specific article linked to the UN Convention on the Rights of the child (UNCRC).  Each week we will post a new article which we will be focussing on along with suggested activities which you can complete at home if you wish - you are very welcome to share your activities with your class teacher by posting on your class page.


This weeks article of the week is centred around Article's; Article 2 – Non-discrimination and Article 13 – Freedom of expression.


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LGBT+ History Month is in February each year.

LGBT+ History Month focuses on the celebration and recognition of LGBT+ people and culture; past and present to give people scope to talk about the bigger picture of LGBT+ experience, in which LGBT+ people are the agents of change.

The month celebrates successes and people and also recognises the challenges still faced today. The month also helps people outside of the LGBT+ community learn more about LGBT+ people, culture and history. 

Understanding and celebrating uniqueness are at the heart of our Christian vision and we want our children to understand that treating everybody with respect and dignity is important.  We also want them to celebrate uniqueness and develop the understanding that as individuals we are all different but equally important and loved. 


All of the below activities are linked to Article 2 & 13, for KS1 children these will also be posted on Google Classroom, 

You don’t need to do every single activity but if you have time you can do more than one!



1)  How can we help everyone feel valued and included in our community and in our school?

2)  Read the story Elmer the Elephant. Elmer didn’t feel that he wanted to be the same as the other elephants. Think of ways that we can celebrate our differences like the elephants do on ‘Elmer Day’ – talk about your ideas with an adult.

3)  It is important to be proud of who we are. Make a ‘Proud To Be Me’ fact sheet or poster. You might want to include your favourite foods, colours, activities, or places you like to go. Think about what things you've included that make you unique and proud to be you.


4)  The LGBTQ+ Rainbow Progress Pride Flag is a symbol of inclusion and diversity. Look up these two words and think about the link with rights such as Article 2 – non-discrimination. Write a poem about all these ideas called Rainbows and Rights or Design a Rights Respecting Inclusive Flag explaining what each colour and symbol means to you.