Science Week 18-22 March 2019

22nd March 2019
Science Week has been amazing thanks to Mrs Guinness, who organised it, and some wonderful parents who came in to share their love of and enthusiasm for science in a wide variety of things.
We have learnt about the way liquids interact and made lava lamps with Mrs Grottrup; learnt about our DNA through dance with Mrs Naalchigar-Miles; seen some amazing steam powered engines and learnt about energy from Mr Stoyel; we have heard all about forces and motion and watched as Mr Saary span a bucket of water over our teachers; Mrs Royden showed us how the germs from a sneeze can spread; Mrs Berger shared her knowledge about seeds and growing peas; we heard about special banks for scientific research from Mrs Northover; Mr Johnson explained how a live football match gets beamed to our televisions; Ms Baillie taught us how to put someone in the recovery position; Drs Anand, Verges, Wessels and McCormack taught us loads of amazing facts about our bodies and finally Mr White taught us that Geology Rocks!
The excitement and enjoyment amongst the children for all these wonderful experiences has been clearly evident within the school this week. Let's hope it has sparked some scientists of the future.