Parent Governors

  • Mrs Jennifer Middleton

    Chair of Governors

    I have been a parent at the school since 2013 and a member of the Governing Body since January 2016. During that time I have had responsibility for the Teaching & Learning committee, Equalities & Diversity, Communication Programmes to include our website and Stakeholder surveys and I am currently the Chair of Governors.
    I have 4 children, my eldest son attends Holy Trinity, I have twin daughters currently at Sandygate and my youngest son is due to start Sandygate in September 2018.
    I am a full-time parent so you'll see me at the school gates every day, before parenthood I had a career in Human Resources for some large corporates, with the last 7 years of my career being at Dell Computers.

  • Ms Tessa McLoughlin

    MAT expert

    I have been a parent at the school for more than 8 years and a Parent Governor for 5 of those years. During my time as a parent governor I have led on the delivery of Hot School Meals, the new roof for reception play and been successful in winning 3 grants to develop the provision we offer at the school.
    By background, I am an Occupational Psychologist that has worked in a variety of HR, Consulting and business roles. I currently work in a Talent role for Three.
    I have three children, my youngest is currently in year 2, my middle son in year 5 at Trinity and my eldest is at secondary school.