History Of Chocolate

18th July 2019
Our whole school topic for the final half term of the school year has been 'Chocolate' and the children have been learning the history, geography and science of chocolate. They have spent the last few weeks writing and producing a creative performance entitled 'The History of Chocolate' which was performed for parents today. 
The performance covered - 

Chapter One: Chocolate Drinkers—Reception

Reception will be telling the tale of how the Mayans discovered chocolate and developed a way to make the first ever chocolate drink

Chapter Two: Learning the Secret—Year One

Year one will explain how the secret of chocolate crossed the seas from the Mayans to the Aztecs

Chapter Three: Adding Sugar—Year One

In this chapter Year One will tell how the Spanish conquered the Aztecs and decided to add sugar to make the chocolate sweet and hot

Chapter Four: Chocolate Machines—Year Two

Year Two will tell the tale of how the Industrial Revolution impacted on the production of chocolate and how it was changed from a drink into the first chocolate bar

Chapter Five: Tasty Inventions—Year Two

Year Two retell how chocolate processing was developed further and became more than just plain chocolate bars.

Chapter Six: Modern Chocolate—Year Two

The final chapter in our story retells how some of today’s big names in chocolate

 started out in the chocolate making industry.