Hot School Meals

In September 2014 the Government introduced Universal Infant Free School Meals, this means that every child of infant school age is entitled to a Free School Meal. 

Since November 2012, Hot School Meals have been provided into our school by a company called Dolce.  They have vast experience of delivering food to schools and have been delivering a great meal service to Sandygate for the past few years.  

Dolce is an award winning food service provider working with schools across the country. All the schools in Marlow use the same provider, who have a purpose built kitchen in Bourne End where they prepare and cook the meals daily. Meals are then transported in specialist containers that maintain the temperature of the food, bought into school and transferred to Ban Maries for serving. Sample menus are available in the school office.

Dolce use a system for ordering meals called Live Kitchen and information about the system can be found on their website to set up an account, please supply Mrs Beckett in the school office with:

• name of your child • your full name • an email address

and she will set up an account for you.  Details of how to access this pre ordering account will then be emailed to you and you can make your menu selections. Alternatively children can order their meal when they arrive at school each morning

Specific dietary requirements, whether for medical or religious reasons, are noted. A vegetarian choice is also always available. Children may bring a packed lunch into school if you prefer. If so, please make sure that your child’s name is clearly written on their lunch box. We have a leaflet for parents who choose to provide their child with a packed lunch that lays out our expectations of a healthy meal.

You are welcome to mix school and packed lunches throughout the week if you wish, or change from one to the other. However, the service provider Dolce requires that you notify them of any changes you wish to make.