Growth Mindset

6th January 2017
Growth  Mindset
On our first day back at school the children and staff were all focusing on Growth Mindset and learning about Bounce Back Tigger, Perserverance Penguin and Curiosity Cat  who will help to remind the children of important  characteristics which encourage them to take on challenges and learn even more. There were lots of  different activities and challenges to help reinforce the understanding of how these characteristics will have an impact on learning. 
 We also hildren looked at how our brain works and learnt about the roles of the Guard Dog, the Owl and the Hippo.  The names Guard Dog, Owl and Hippo are child-friendly terms given to parts of the brain (Amygdala, Pre-Frontal Cortex and Hippocampus respectively). The Guard Dog is the one who leaps into action when there is danger, the Owl is the part of the brain which absorbs and takes on board information and the Hippo stores it. At times in our learning the Guard Dog can stop the proper functioning of the other two parts of the brain for instance if we are annoyed with something because we find it difficult it can make us focus on the frustration rather than listening and learning .
A Growth Mindset aims to change the functioning of our brain to stop this happening - changing attitudes from 'I can't do this' (Fixed Mindset) to 'I can't do this yet' (Growth Mindset) and learning the importance of being resilient learners and  perservering when the going gets tough - being Perserverance Penguins.
We will be working on our Growth Mindset throughout the rest of the school year and hope to run some parent information sessions later in the year.