Governor Attendance

These figures do not capture additional work and attendance at Parents Consultations, PFA events, Dig in Days or regular meetings with the Senior Leadership team.
Full Governing Body Meeting Attendance 2016 - 2017
Governor 19-Sep 17-Ju1
Adam Buckley
Dave Bull
Julian Coyne
Mrs Reynolds
Mrs Elliott
Tessa McLoughlin
Kate McNeil
Jennifer Middleton  √
Heather Milne x
Helen Munday x
John Nothover x
Leanne Rance
Mrs Rolfe x
Gareth Sessions
Jason Stoyel x
Penny Thompson x
Executive Governing Body Attendance 2016 - 2017
Governor 13-Dec 23-Jan 13-Mar 22-May
Dave Bull x x x
Julian Coyne
Mrs Reynolds
Tessa McLoughlin
Jennifer Middleton √  x
Heather Milne x
Jason Stoyel x
Penny Thompson
Teaching & Learning Committee Attendance 2016 - 2017
 Mrs Reynolds  √
 Mrs Elliott  x x  x
 Mrs Kate McNeil  √
 Mrs Jennifer Middleton
 Mrs Helen Munday x  √
 Ms Leanne Rance x
 Mr Gareth Sessions New this Year x x
 Mrs Penny Thompson x
Finance & Premises Committee Attendance 2016 - 2017
Governor 17-Oct 5-Dec 23-Jan 15-May 17-Jul
Adam Buckley  x     
Julian Coyne      
Mrs Reynolds     x
Mrs Elliott      
John Northover  x  
Mrs Rolfe x  x
Jason Stoyel x    x
Admissions & Promotions Meeting Attendances
No of Admissions & Promotions Meetings
 Mrs Reynolds4
 Mrs Jennifer Middleton2
 Mrs Helen Munday3
 Mrs Penny Thompson3