Eco Committee Update

5th April 2019
Following on from the Eco-committee asking everyone to look at reducing our use of plastic, some of the children in Reception wrote letters to our school milk provider asking them to find an alternative to milk in cartons with plastic straws.
Coolmilk have responded as follows: 

'Thank you for your email regarding supplying alternative straws.
We run school milk schemes for thousands of schools across the UK, and we buy the milk from hundreds of different suppliers, but currently none of our suppliers make suitable straws from biodegradable material.
However, Cool Milk is aware of the effect plastic straws can have on the environment, and at the moment there are two things we can do:  

  1. Supply re-usable beakers and change your unit of measure to larger plastic cartons or glass bottles (if available), which would be more environmentally friendly and you would not need straws.       
  2. We will challenge the biggest dairies to work with their packaging suppliers to develop a more environmentally-friendly drinking straw – this will be tricky, as the straw needs to be robust enough to pierce a hole in the carton and to survive immersion in the milk!  
All processes and feedback are monitored, and due to this we are in the process of looking for an alternative to the plastic straws. '
We have asked that from now on our milk be delivered in glass bottles which are then returned to be washed and re-used. The children will have their milk in re-usable beakers which we already have in school.
As there are currently 38 children in school who have milk delivered this will stop 38 cartons and straws being thrown away each day