If your child has been refused a place at our school, as the person with parental responsibility for your child, the law allows you to appeal against the decision of the Admissions Committee of the Governing Body, to an impartial body known as the Independent Appeal Panel (“IAP”).  The IAP has the power to decide whether your child should be offered a place at your preferred school and we must comply with the IAP’s decision. 

However, if you have been offered a place at another school then please take the time to visit that school as you may find that it meets all your child's needs and you would be happy for them to go to that school.

In almost all cases, the decision to refuse a place for your child will be based on infant class size prejudice.

The School Standards and Framework Act 1998 (Sections 1- 4) requires that all infant classes with a single qualified teacher should contain no more than 30 pupils from September 2001. The regulations relate to pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 classes. 

The grounds for upholding an appeal of this type are very limited and therefore the percentage success rate is minimal. To demonstrate this fact, approximately 120 Infant Class Size Appeals were held by the Oxford Diocese last year and only 1 of these was successful. 

At Marlow Church of England School in 2014 we received 1 appeal and in 2013 we received 2 appeals and none were successful. We have received no appeals since 2014.

Should you wish to pursue an appeal then you should contact the school office to request the appeals paperwork. The timetable for appeals will be available early in 2019. Usually appeals have to be received in school early in May to be heard in late June to early July.
The documents below give a wide range of advice on the process of appeals and the issues that are involved and we would strongly advise that you read them carefully before beginning the process.